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September 12, 2012

This is the WSI Models 3440031, Nooteboom MAN TGX XXL with Telestep Trailer. It is cast in 1/50 scale .
It is almost entirely diecast metal, with moving rubber wheels and a few plastic parts (eg. windshield, rearview mirrors).

When fully extended, the trailer measures more than 25" long (63 cm).

The front of the cab features an intricate grill, dazzling headlights, Nooteboom logo, and a clear view into the detailed interior.

All of the wires, hoses and other accessories are highly detailed and very realistic on both the cab and trailer.  

The back of the cab is also very detailed, here you can see the mud flaps, lights, diamond plating, steps, the exhaust pipes and the spare tire.
 The front of the trailer has the Nooteboom logo and the hookups.

The trailer also has adjustable landing gears and an intricately detailed chassis and undercarriage.

The back of the trailer is highly detailed with a warning sign, lights and license plate.

Here you can see the realistic wood like slats on the trailer floor.

There are also two spare tires stored underneath the trailer.

Included are 10 individual, stacking pallets and three straps. There are also more than enough optional tie down bars to line both sides of the trailer (as shown above).