Customer Comments is committed to providing a superior level of customer service in addition to a superior selection of quality collectibles. Below are the unsolicited comments of a few of our customers.

Hey, Strattons!
I'm sure you've noticed by now, but let me say it anyway--you folks rock hard. I've thrown a few orders your way over the past couple of years, and without doubt your retail operation is one of the finest I've ever seen. The e-mail updates are very well done--much better than *** or even ***, because I can actually sort out what it is you've got on offer without sorting through a lot of hype. Your website front page doesn't try to overwhelm me with your entire stock on display (take THAT, *** and ***!). Your order process is straightforward and clear--and I would know. I work on e-commerce sites for a living. But wait, there's more: the color-printed (!) Christian content accompanying each shipment tell me exactly with whom I'm dealing, and what sort of commitment you have to your business and your lives. Too many people in business are afraid to show that they are persons of faith, and finding that note in the first shipment was like getting a little gift along with the order. So, may God bless you both (and the entire staff, of course). I look forward to doing business with you for many years to come.

just wanted to let you know that you guys are great. The way you always keep people informed. I have never had internet service as wonderful as yours. I will continue to shop with you for all of my sons tractor wants/needs, I will also refer all friends.
M.O. in Syracuse, IN

Thank you. Please let me express how pleased I am with your web site, your merchandise and your service. I just happened onto your site while searching die cast vehicles for Christmas gifts. I have now ordered several things from your company and I have to say, your company has the best selection of die cast vehicles I have found. I think this order is the fifth or sixth vehicle I have purchased from you and I am sure I will be back for more. Your delivery time has been excellent as well. Thank you so much for your excellent service.
KP - Woodbridge, VA

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and your staff for providing superior service and excellent products. It is always a pleasure placing my orders with you. Without fail if you don't carry what I am looking for, your staff will search the globe to locate it for me. When I call, I am always greeted with a warm and friendly "Hi", and people say customer service is dead. Not at your company!
Also I mentioned, that I had made an error and lost the items in my shopping cart, with in 24 hours of having mentioned this, your technical support team had taken steps so that even if I were to make the same mistake again, my items would not be lost. I just can't say how refreshing it is to have such service.
Keep up the great work, I'm am working on my next order right now. For all of the reason I have listed and many more, please know you have made a life long customer.
T.B. - Oakland, CA

I have received the caps ordered: they are very beautiful. I want to congratulate [you] on the organization, the efficiency and the service to the customer. Thanks so much.
B.B. Cremona, ITALY

I have been collecting model construction toys for 3 years now. When I found your website I found heaven. I love your site, the quality of the products you sell, prompt delivery and friendly service. I have purchased 15 models already and another 7 are on the way! I used the e-mail forward for Christmas and my birthday and it is easier for everyone. Thank you very much.
God bless you and your business,
SDB - Castine, ME

Just a note to let you know how impressed I am with your company. The website is well laid out and easy to navigate. I placed my first order on 1-23 and it arrived several days later. The package arrived in great shape and I am very pleased with the quality of the models. I've always wanted to collect construction models and now I'm hooked! I've just placed my third order and look forward to continued business with your firm.
MG - Beaver Dam, WI

This was my first experience buying from your company. To say the least I am extremely impressed with not only the fast and efficient service but also with the product I purchased. The CONRAD Schwing Truckmounted Concrete Pump is much nicer than I imagined, and will be an impressive addition to my growing collection of construction equipment die-cast toys. I operate heavy equipment for a living in San Diego. Which entitles me to be picky over detail of these models. This one is great! I plan to make many more purchases in the future thanks to your professionalism.
Many Thanks,
RS - San Diego, California

Thanks for keeping me up to date with your wounderful newsletter. It's just like getting a new Sears cataolg. I look at it, and I wish for this and that, and then I tell all the relatives what I want for Christmas.
NM - Sunrise Beach, Missouri

Hey, I just wanted to drop you a note about the Christmas present you aided my wife in getting. As you may recall, I ordered a Corgi, diecast, 1:48 scale, Cobra Helicopter from you. It was my christmas present to myself. I didn't think that my wife would know how to go about getting exactly what I wanted. But the joke is on me. She had seen the copy of your,"Toys -at- 3000 (etc)", Cobra printout I had made, went to the trouble to buy a "phone card" so the phone call wouldn't show up on the phone bill, and ordered one also. When the Cobra I ordered came in, I put it out on display with the rest of my helicopters. She told me Christmas day after I had, "opened" her gift to me, which was the other Cobra helicopter she had "snuck around and ordered", that she "could have, bonked me good when she saw the Cobra that I had ordered out in my display". But, I assured her that I was intending to get another one anyway, someday, and that it was my favorite gift of all that I recieved.....and it really was. So, it goes to show you that your web site advertisment is very effective.....and wives after 35 years of marriage can sometimes take a hint and find out what the spouse really wants. She also has an expression. "The difference between men and boys is the price of their toys". Heck, I got her a real nice China Doll. I hope your business prospered well this season, and will continue to do so.
"K.C." in Clinton, MO