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NZG7281/50 Scale$252.99
was 264.99
Add to CartClick to Enlarge Liebherr HS855HD Duty-Cycle Crawler Crane with Drag Bucket
[Age: Adults ] [Inches: 5 3/8L x Boom 22" ]
NZG7321/50 Scale$529.99
Nov - Dec Arrival
Add to CartClick to Enlarge Liebherr LTM11200-9.1 Mobile Crane in Yellow
• includes three hooks
• moveable cab
[Age: Adults ]
NZG832-041/50 Scale$104.99
Add to CartClick to Enlarge VSI - Hamm GRW 280 Rubber Wheeled Roller
Features include:
• Diecast construction with few...[more]
[Age: 14 and up ]
NZG94811/50 Scale$77.99
Add to CartClick to Enlarge Hamm H7i Compactor with Pad Foot
[Age: 14 and up ]
NZG9221/32 Scale$164.99
Add to CartClick to Enlarge Genie SX-180 Telescopic Boom Lift
• Moveable axles (working and transport position)
• Steerable...[more]
[Age: 14 and up ]
NZG9021/50 Scale$94.99
Add to CartClick to Enlarge Terex TC125 Tracked Excavator
[Age: 14 and up ]
NZG87811/50 Scale$188.99
October Arrival
Add to CartClick to Enlarge Kleemann Mobicat MC 110 Z Track-Mounted Jaw Crusher - New Design
[Age: 14 and up ]
NZG5561/87 Scale$115.99
Add to CartClick to Enlarge Menck M251 excavator in blue
[Age: Adults ]
NZG73221/50 Scale$316.99
Nov - Dec Arrival
Add to CartClick to Enlarge Lattice Jib Set for Liebherr LTM 11200-9.1
[Age: Adults ]
NZG87021/50 Scale$46.99
Add to CartClick to Enlarge Liebherr 81 K Chassis
Crane not Included
[Age: 14 and up ]
NZG is a very popular German brand that combines high quality construction and affordability. Models of this quality are hard to find, but we have an excellent selection of quality NZG diecast models.

Company History

With the foundation of the NZG-Modelle GmbH in 1968, a success story started which the two shareholders, Betty Hauer and Gerhard Schmid, were not able to imagine at that time. The first NZG model was designed and launched in still quite confined rooms on the 3rd floor of a furniture store in the Tafelfeldstrase: the excavator Weserhchutte HW 70 with item number 101.

Soon, the ever expanding demand for high quality NZG models made a relocation to larger facilities necessary. Appropriate premises were found in the Sigmundstrase 147, the present head office of the company, and were expanded to 3000m2 in 1985.

In 1986, the daughters of the company's founders, Inge Ludwig (Schmid) and Hannelore Hauer, took over more responsibility for the development of the company.  In 2000, Hannelore Hauer sold her part of the company to the Ludwig family. Since middle of 2000, Inge and Michael Ludwig have been the sole managing partners of NZG-Modelle GmbH.

Since foundation of the company until today, decisions, measures have been taken and activities have been carried out so that NZG can successfully persist on the global model market.  To this day, NZG has developed, produced and delivered more than 700 different model types to more than 80 countries.

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