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CORGI - CS91305 - X15 Rocket Plane

Corgi (#CS91305)
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X15 Rocket Plane - Smithsonian Collection - Includes stand - Described by those who flew it as the ‘Ultimate...[more]
[Inches: 4.5 ]
CORGI - TY87803 - Chitty Chitty Bang

Corgi (#TY87803)
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang - Released in 1968, the beloved musical Chitty Chitty Bang Bang is an adventure packed with...[more]
CORGI - CS91303 - Lockheed Vega -

Corgi (#CS91303)
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Lockheed Vega - Smithsonian Collection - - Includes stand - Amelia Earhart’s Lockheed®Vega® 5BA true aviation...[more]
[Inches: 4.2 ]
CORGI - CS91308 - Lunar Module - Space

Corgi (#CS91308)
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Lunar Module - Space Exploration Collection - Includes stand - Lunar Module LM-2A spacecraft which possesses...[more]
[Inches: 2.8 ]
CORGI - CS91306 - Space Shuttle -

Corgi (#CS91306)
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Space Shuttle - Space Exploration Collection - Includes stand - Launching for the first time in 1981 as part of...[more]
[Inches: 3.8 ]
CORGI - CS91304 - 1903 Wright Flyer

Corgi (#CS91304)
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1903 Wright Flyer - Smithsonian Collection - Includes Stand - An aeroplane from which most other aircraft can...[more]
[Inches: 2.3 ]
CORGI - CS91307 - Apollo Command Module

Corgi (#CS91307)
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Apollo Command Module - Space Exploration Collection - Includes stand - Responsible for carrying all three...[more]
[Inches: 1.2 ]
CORGI - CS91302 - Spirit of St Louis

Corgi (#CS91302)
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Spirit of St Louis - Smithsonian Collection - - Includes stand - Ryan NYP ‘Spirit of St. Louis’One of the...[more]
[Inches: 4.3 ]
CORGI - CS90651 - Avro Lancaster-Flying

Corgi (#CS90651)
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Avro Lancaster-Flying Aces - From biplanes to fighters, bombers to modern jets, discover and explore the amazing...[more]
[Inches: 11.5 x 4.8 ]
CORGI - CS91301 - Bleriot Monoplane

Corgi (#CS91301)
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Bleriot Monoplane - Smithsonian Collection - Includes stand - Under the gaze of a world captivated by man’s...[more]
[Inches: 3.3 ]
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