Popular caterpillar construction and farm toys from Diecast Masters, Classic Construction Models, Norscot and other licensed manufacturers. Caterpillar toys and mdoels of this quality are hard to find, but we have an excellent selection of quality die cast toys. Be sure to check out our complete line of Construction models from around the world.

Collectible Toys and Models
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Caterpillar models made by Diecast Masters present the best overall value with lots of details at an affordable price.

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Diecast Masters was announced in 2015 as the new primary licensee for Caterpillar scale models, replacing both Norscot and Tonkin Replicas. The Diecast Masters management team is uniquely positioned to bring an extensive line of popularly priced models to market. Well over 100 items are now available.

Diecast Masters has brought already brought several innovations to the collectible diecast world.  Models are available in different lines for consumers, enthusiasts, and collectors.
 Caterpillar toys made by Norscot are impossible to beat for overall value. Lots of details for an affordable price.

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Norscot has a decades long history with the Caterpillar brand.  The Norscot line includes nearly 100 Caterpillar models, with a reserve tooling library covering dozens more. Norscot was replaced as a Caterpillar Licensee by Diecast Masters in 2015. Norscot will continue to provide licensed merchandise to the Caterpillar dealer network.

Norscot pieces found a reasonable balance of detail affordability and most are sturdy enough for older children to play with. These are not intended for outdoor use or rough play.
 Bruder toys are made in Germany and are the high quality plastic toy available anywhere.

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Bruder began making Caterpillar brand toys in 2003.  These are large scale models with working features, designed for lots of hands-on play and sandbox work.

Bruder toys are a unique combination of craftsmanship and play value, plastic construction has replaceable parts and UV protected non-toxic materials.
Classic Construction Models has made high-end Caterpillar models for a number of years. While the range of models offered is not extensive, they are highly sought after by collectors with new releases often selling out quickly.

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Classic Construction Models are truely collectibles in every meaning of the word.  Produced in limited, set quantities with an emphasis on quality and workmanship, Classic Construciont Models are prized by collectors of high-end replicas around the globe.

CCM models are usually 1:48th scale.  These are highly detailed models designed and priced strictly for collectors.
Caterpillar models by Tonkin Replicas were produced for a relatively short period of time.

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Tonkin Replicas entered the construction model business in 2013 with their first wheel loader model and a new Caterpillar license.  Tonkin had plans to eventually produce a full line of Caterpillar brand models as well as their already famous trucks from all the major OEM's.  Tonkin Replicas was replaced as a Caterpillar Licensee by Diecast Masters in 2015.

Tonkin pieces are high in detail and craftsmanship and are designed for adults.  These are not intended for outdoor use or rough play.