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December 26, 2012

This is the MACK Granite Fire Engine with Water Pump From Bruder, item number 02821. It is made in 1/16 scale.
It is made of ABS high impact plastic and it is very tough and fade resistant, perfect for outdoor play.

It features the Mack logo on the grill and the Mack hood ornament.


The hood features a hook on both sides that keep it closed securely. They do, however, open easily to display the engine inside. It is very well detailed for a toy.

The doors open up to reveal cab details, like the dash, steering wheel, and even the paw print design on the floorboards.
Moving back we find the working water pump and hose crank. There is also a nicely detailed control panel for the water.

The hose is made of real rubber and really works. Fill the tank up with water and save the day!

This is the other side, and you can more easily see the nozzle on the end of the hose.

There are also steps and ladders on either side of the cab. These have realistic no slip flooring.

Here you find a storage cabinet that is fully functional.

You can also see the Bruder Fire Department logo on the side of the door.

The ladder platform can turn a full 360 degrees.

Here is the seat and controls for the ladder. The roof raises and lowers for when it is in use, or on the road. Once again you find the realistic no slip flooring.

The red knob moves the ladder up and down.

Just above it you will see the fire truck model number displayed proudly.

This red knob located on the other side of the truck extends and retracts the ladder.

The mechanics controlling the ladder are quite strong. They can support the ladder at any height, even when fully extended. It can be posed at any length and height.

Here you can see the ladder fully extended. Its reach is incredible.
This is the basket at the end of the ladder. It tilts 180 degrees up and down. It also has a control panel to operate the basket.
Here we are, at the back of the truck. As you can see it sports several warning decals as well as lights and license plate decals. 
The truck has four fully functional stabilizing legs. Each can be raised or lowered independently and can rest at different heights. They can also be extended outward for increased stability.

This is the perfect toy for kids of all ages, I know I enjoyed playing with it!