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December 18, 2013

Introducing First Gear's Freightliner 114SD with McNeilus
Bridgemaster Mixer
replicated in 1/34 scale.

Item number: 10-3921
With the tag axle in the up-right position, this model measures 13 inches long,
3 inches wide, and 4.75 inches tall. 
The front is nicely modeled with a chrome-like bumper and trim, as well as realistic headlights and mirrors.  In addition, the authentic Freightliner logo is found on the trim of the grill.
From the rear, you can see the filling hopper, chute, tag axle, and the three chute extenders which are stored on the side of the truck during transport.
To pose it in transportation mode, the tag axle flips down for extra support.
The cab of the truck has some great details including a realistic steering wheel, driver and passenger's seats, and dash.  It even has cup holders like the real thing.

The top of the cab has been decked out with chrome-like horns and sunshield which adds to the authenticity of this model.
The hood opens to reveal the intricate detail of the engine.  As you can see, the entire engine has been given great attention.
Between the truck and mixer barrel is the cleaning system with realistic hoses and connections.
First Gear didn't miss a detail!  Even the chassis has its fair share of detailing including the bottom side of the engine.
The diecast Freightliner 114SD even has a diecast, rotating mixer barrel, and the high-detailing of the model is finished off with plastic parts.
The chute assembly pivots from side-to-side for perfect posing.
This model is securely packaged in a styrofoam shell with instructions convienantly printed on the outer box for easy chute assembly. 

Join us again next week when we explore the features of another exciting model.