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ERTL462761/64 Scale$29.99
Click to Enlarge John Deere 70-Piece Farm Playset , This 70 piece John Deere...[more]
[Ages: 5 and up ]

3D TO SCALE64-304-GY1/64 Scale$7.99
Click to Enlarge Storage Bin on legs with unloading auger - Kit, minor assembly...[more]
[Ages: 14 and up ]

ERTL148551/64 Scale$15.99
Click to Enlarge Case Ram Pickup Truck with Trailer and Hay Bales, This model...[more]
[Ages: 3 and up ]

3D TO SCALE64-302-R1/64 Scale$5.99
Click to Enlarge Livestock Feed Trough - 2 pack red/black - ABS plastic - Made in...[more]
[Ages: 14 and up ]

NORSCOT550681/64 Scale$13.99
Click to Enlarge Caterpillar Challenger 75E Agricultural Tractor , Features...[more]
[Ages: 14 and up ]

ERTL289UA1/16 Scale$74.99
Click to Enlarge Case 600 Tractor SPECIAL EDITION , Item may have been on display -...[more]
[Ages: 14 and up ]

ERTL6761/16 Scale$54.99
Click to Enlarge Case International Maxxum 5250 MFD Tractor , Item may have been on...[more]
[Ages: 14 and up ]

ERTL2220PA1/16 Scale$129.99
Click to Enlarge Allis-Chalmers D-19 WF Tractor - Toy Farmer 1989 National Farm Toy...[more]
[Ages: 14 and up ]

ERTL2220PA-B1/16 Scale$99.99
Click to Enlarge Allis-Chalmers D-19 WF Tractor - Toy Farmer 1989 National Farm Toy...[more]
[Ages: 14 and up ]

ERTLFTCW-SET1/25 Scale$199.99
was 249.99
Click to Enlarge Farm Toy Capital of the World 6-Piece SET , Items have been on...[more]
[Ages: 14 and up ]

NORSCOT560181/32 Scale$79.99
Sale Price 67.99
Click to Enlarge Caterpillar Lexion 590R (US) Combine Harvester
[Ages: 14 and up ]

TONKIN100081/50 Scale$188.99
Sale Price 122.99
Click to Enlarge Caterpillar 994H Wheel Loader , • Articulated steering , •...[more]
[Ages: 14 and up ]

TONKIN200011/50 Scale$119.99
Sale Price 77.99
Click to Enlarge Caterpillar 340D L Track Excavator
[Ages: 14 and up ]

TONKIN300021/50 Scale$89.99
Sale Price 58.50
Click to Enlarge Caterpillar 775G Off Highway Truck
[Ages: 14 and up ]

TONKIN600011/50 Scale$89.99
Sale Price 65.99
Click to Enlarge Caterpillar D6R Bulldozer - Track Type Tractor
[Ages: 14 and up ]

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