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SPEC-CAST355011/64 Scale$28.99
Click to Enlarge Freightliner M2 Van Box Truck in Blank White
[Ages: 14 and up ]

SPEC-CAST370321/64 Scale$47.99
Click to Enlarge Kenworth T660 Tractor Trailer with Sleeper Cab and Double Rear...[more]
[Ages: 14 and up ]

SPEC-CASTSCT-4091/16 Scale$81.90
Click to Enlarge Minneapolis-Moline U Gas Narrow Front Tractor with 4 Row...[more]
[Ages: 14 and up ]

SPEC-CASTSCT-2351/16 Scale$59.99
Click to Enlarge Allis-Chalmers D-15 Gas Narrow Front End Tractor, This model...[more]
[Ages: 14 and up ]

SPEC-CASTSCT-4601/16 Scale$61.99
Click to Enlarge Allis-Chalmers D-14 Gas Wide Front Tractor with Orange...[more]
[Ages: 14 and up ]

SPEC-CAST336481/64 Scale$46.99
Sept - Oct Arrival
Click to Enlarge Peterbilt 379 in Red with Sleeper Cab and Lowboy Trailer
[Ages: 14 and up ]

Click to Enlarge Freightliner 70th Anniversary Black Enamel Buckle, 70 Years...[more]
[Ages: 10 and up ]

SPEC-CAST336341/64 Scale$46.99
Click to Enlarge Peterbilt 387 in Black with Flatbed Trailer
[Ages: 14 and up ]

SPEC-CAST345691/64 Scale$46.99
Click to Enlarge International 8600 in Red with Blank Tanker
[Ages: 14 and up ]

SPEC-CAST370741/64 Scale$47.99
Click to Enlarge Kenworth T660 in Red with Blank White Trailer
[Ages: 14 and up ]

FIRST GEAR19-25611/34 Scale$59.95
Sale Price 29.99
Click to Enlarge DiGioia Brothers Mack R Cement Mixer in Orange and White -...[more]
[Ages: Adults ]

MOTORART3000411/50 Scale$101.99
Sale Price 86.70
Click to Enlarge Volvo FMX 6x4 Dump Truck
[Ages: 14 and up ]

Sale Price 44.99
Click to Enlarge Texaco - Wings Of Texaco #10 (2002) - The "Texaco Eaglet", A...[more]
[Ages: Adults ]

ROUND 2CP59771/30 Scale$42.99
Sale Price 37.99
Click to Enlarge Wings of Texaco Airplane Series #19 (2011) - Texaco Travel Air...[more]
[Ages: Adults ]

NZG5581/87 Scale$128.99
Sale Price 109.99
Click to Enlarge Weserhutte W180 excavator in yellow
[Ages: Adults ]

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