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Star Trek - ISS Defiant, NX-74205 - Mirror Universe Variant
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
• Die Cast Metal
• Includes Display Stand

The ISS Defiant NX-74205 is finally here in all of its glory from the STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE episode, "Shattered Mirror." In the Mirror Universe, the ISS Defiant NX-74205 was a warship built at Terok Nor in 2372. The plans for the Defiant were "acquired" from the Prime Universe when the leader of the Terran resistance, Miles ‘Smiley’ O’Brien, traveled there in 2371 to recruit Captain Sisko.

This model is die-cast, hand-painted, and comes with an in-depth magazine featuring product artwork and highlighting the ship's history and design.

Caution: This item is an adult collectible designed for use by persons 14 years of age and older.

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ST09A - Eaglemoss Star Trek ISS Defiant NX 74205

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