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Conflict Iraq: Weapons and Tactics of the US and Iraqi Forces
Nothing has dominated the headlines and news bulletins to rival the impending war with Iraq. As politicians anticipate and pave the way for military action, readers are constantly reminded of the horrors that could be perpetrated by Saddam Hussain's weapons of mass destruction (WMD).
As thousands of servicemen and women prepare to be come engaged in a war to rid Iraq of such weapons (and despotic leadership), it is vital that readers are made aware of the military strengths and weaknesses of both sides. Even though Saddam's forces would be fighting on home territory, militarily, technologically, strategically, and tactically the United States (supported by the UK and other countries) has overwhelming superiority.
Nevertheless, there remains a very real threat of Iraq unleashing the dread of chemical and biological weaponry. This book objectively analyzes the forces and the weaponry of both Iraq, still vengefully licking their wounds after the Gulf War, and the mighty United States and allies. Highly detailed, well illustrated, and cogently written, this book is an essential reference work.
Paperback, 9" x 6", 128 pp, 100 color illustrations

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