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Scale: 1/72
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IJN Type 2 Ka-Mi Tank with Floating Pontoon - Late Production

True to 1:72 scale, fully assembled, historically accurate markings and insignia.
The "Ka Mi" was the first amphibious tank used by the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN), and it was based on the Type 95 "Ha-Go"light tank. It was designed for Japanese landing forces performing amphibious invasions of Pacific islands and regular port facilities. Production of the Type 2 commenced in 1942 and a total of 184 amphibious tanks were made, although the design was too late to participate in Japan's island-hopping campaign. When used in water, large pontoons were attached to the glacis plate and rear deck to give it a top speed of 10km/h in water. These pontoons could be shed as soon as the vehicle reached land.

Caution: This item is an adult collectible designed for use by persons 14 years of age and older.

60609 - Dragon IJN Type 2 Ka Mi Tank