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Eastern Front Tank Hunters (4 figure set) ~ Gen 2 series PLASTIC MODEL KIT

All figures are fully detailed with plastic and photo-etched parts. Features include a bonus head with a gasmask for the gunner, an alternative head for the loader and motorcyclist mitts for use with the early style rocket launcher. The RPzB54 can be assembled as either an early or late version (the late version has a shield).

For maximum detail, slide molds have been used to produce the rocket launcher, along with the separate rockets and ammo box. The Panzerfausts are newly tooled, and they can be built in both firing or standard ‘travel’ modes.

Main Features:
- Panzerfaust is newly tooled; can be assembled in firing or standard modes - New RPzB54 rocket launcher with option of assembling early or late types- slide mold - New RPzB54 rockets include tail details- slide mold - Box for RPzB54 rockets -slide mold - Bonus head with gasmask for RPzB54 gunner - Bonus head for RPzB54 loader provides alternative pose - Panzerfaust box with realistic wood grain pattern- slide mold
*actual product may not be exactly as shown

Caution: This item is an adult collectible designed for use by persons 14 years of age and older.

6279 - Dragon Eastern Front Tank Hunters 4 figure