Made By: LUFT-X
Item: LUFT010
Scale: 1/72
Price $49.99
January Arrival
Added to catalog: 2/10/2017
Recommended Age: 14 and up
Haunebu - Nazi "Flying Saucer"

In an attempt to create the world's leading military, Hitler tasked Germany's most innovative engineers with developing a series of cutting-edge, often bizarre aircraft — many of which never made it past the drawing board. And, according to some, the Third Reich's scientific capabilities were so progressive that they began work on a series of secretive spacecraft.

Known as "Haunebu," these flying saucers were built upon specialized engines and, again according to some theorists, they remain in underground bases around the world. Representing one of these otherworldly ships, this 1/72 scale model — an exciting collectible in the acclaimed Luft-X series — features an advanced circular design, three undercarriage ball turrets, and authentic German markings. Measures approximately 8" in diameter.

Caution: This item is an adult collectible designed for use by persons 14 years of age and older.

LUFT010 - Luft-x Haunebu Nazi Flying Saucer