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Hummer H3

Author: Lary Edsell
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All-access or all-axis - either one could serve as the official vanity plate for the new Hummer H3. That's because this "unlike anything else" vehicle can conquer the kinds of angles and obstacles that would stop most others in their tracks. Like its big brothers the H1 and H2, the Hummer H3 not only looks like nothing else on - or off - the road, it can also go (and return from) places where ordinary vehicles and their ordinary drivers fear to tread. But the H3 has also been made more accessible to more people and to even more places.

Author Lary Edsell recounts the origins of the Hummer, the design and engineering of the all-new H3, and his experience driving the H3 both on - and off-road. With comments from the Hummer H3 design and engineering teams and behind-the-scenes photography from General Motors, Hummer H3 is THE book for all Hummer fans.

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