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Volvo BMH10 Tractor with Loader - Limited Edition
Presented here is the first die-cast model in the new "Vintage Collection" of historic Volvo machines, the BM H10 wheel loader which has been produced in 1:50th scale by Motorart. First introduced in 1954 by Bolinder-Munktell, the H10 wheel loader paved the way for the modern wheel loader design and was the first loader to feature parallel movement of the loader arm while being based on a tractor chassis.
The loader arms are mounted high up to the rear of the cabin with hydraulics used to control the height and tip of the bucket through a cleverly designed linkage.
The cabin interior is sparsely populated with steering wheel and seating visible through the clearly glazed windows. The BM logo is printed centrally on the front panel while the full Bolinder-Munktell name is printed on the sides of the engine compartment.
The frame of the loader extends out to the rear of the model where the large hydraulic tank is located. This also doubles as added ballast to aid in stability. The tank has surface fixing bolt detailing with hydraulic hoses also added for realism.
The tractor engine housing is accurately modelled with silver paint used to highlight the large bolts found around the model. A chromed exhaust stack rises from the engine bay with a silver highlighted cap and ridged front grille.
The range of movement of the bucket tip is very limited and with the arms raised, there is hardly any movement at all. This is certainly a little dissapointing considering it cannot be too hard to engineer the correct geometry. While the movement is poor, the aesthetics of the bucket and loader frame is very convincing and looks the part. It is a shame the rivet heads were not painted over as they tend to stand out.
The large front tyres have a good moulded tread pattern with orange finished wheel centres that have very nice surface structural detailing. the rear wheels are fitted with ridged tyres on a pivoting frame although there is no steering modelled.
The packaging for the model is rather interesting, with the model secured to a plastic plinth with two screws. A brushed metal pl
Caution: This item is an adult collectible designed for use by persons 14 years of age and older.

300054 - Motorart Volvo BMH10 Tractor

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