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CORGI - CC60013 - Sdkfz 7 Artillery

Corgi (#CC60013) 1/50 Scale
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Sdkfz 7 Artillery Tractor – Tunisia 1943 - This heavy half-track was one of the powerful vehicles which pulled...[full description]
CORGI - CC60309 - Bedford QLD – RAF

Corgi (#CC60309) 1/50 Scale
$58.99 MSRP $77.99
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Bedford QLD – RAF 2nd Tactical Airforce, 84 Group, Normandy June 1944 (D Day) - With well over 50,000 units...[full description]
CORGI - CC60418 - M3 A1 Half-Track

Corgi (#CC60418) 1/50 Scale
$58.99 MSRP $77.99
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M3 A1 Half-Track 41st Armored Infantry, 2nd Armored Division, Normandy 1944 (D Day) - Manufactured by the White...[full description]
CORGI - CC60513 - Tiger I – German

Corgi (#CC60513) 1/50 Scale
$58.99 MSRP $77.99
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Tiger I – German Army SpzAbt 502, Russia 1942 - Even though the Panzerkamfwagen VI Tiger heavy tank was only used...[full description]
CORGI - CC51031 - Sherman M4 A3 –

Corgi (#CC51031) 1/50 Scale
$58.99 MSRP $77.99
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Apr - May Arrival Sherman M4 A3 – US Army, Luxembourg 1944 - One of the most famous military vehicles of the Second World War, the M4...[full description]
CORGI - CC51032 - M4A1 Sherman Beutepanzer -
New Item

Corgi (#CC51032) 1/50 Scale
$58.99 MSRP $64.99
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Future Arrival M4A1 Sherman 'Beutepanzer' - Having the opportunity to capture a fully working example of your enemy’s latest...[full description]
CORGI - CC51606 - Beute Panzer - Trophy
New Item

Corgi (#CC51606) 1/50 Scale
$58.99 MSRP $64.99
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Future Arrival Beute Panzer - Trophy Tank - T34-76 Model 1943 - As German armed forces rolled across Europe during the early...[full description]
CORGI - CC60514 - Panzerkampfwagen
New Item

Corgi (#CC60514) 1/50 Scale
$58.99 MSRP $64.99
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Future Arrival Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger Ausf E (Late production), Turret Number ‘Black 300’, sPzAbt. 505, Eastern Front, Summer 1944,...[full description]
CORGI - CC60613 - Cromwell IV – 2nd

Corgi (#CC60613) 1/50 Scale
$58.99 MSRP $77.99
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Cromwell IV – 2nd Armored Welsh Guards, 1944 - A late war British tank design, the Cromwell came at the end of a...[full description]
CORGI - CC60112 - Churchill MkIII

Corgi (#CC60112) 1/50 Scale
$58.99 MSRP $77.99
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Churchill MkIII – 6th Scots Guards Brigade 1943 - The British Churchill infantry tank may have been slightly...[full description]
CORGI - CC60215 - Panther Tank – Panzerkampfwagen

Corgi (#CC60215) 1/50 Scale
$58.99 MSRP $77.99
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Apr - May Arrival Panther Tank – Panzerkampfwagen V Panther Ausf D, Unknown Unit, Northern Bavaria, April 1945, Defense of the Reich -...[full description]
CORGI - CC60216 - Panther Tank – 4th
New Item

Corgi (#CC60216) 1/50 Scale
$58.99 MSRP $64.99
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Future Arrival Panther Tank – 4th Battalion Coldstream Guards ‘Cuckoo’, Netherlands 1944/5 - Widely regarded as the finest German...[full description]
NZG - 9114 - Mercedes-Benz Unimog

NZG (#9114) 1/50 Scale
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Mercedes-Benz Unimog U 5000 Off-Road in Sand
[Retired Item]
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