Spec-cast Caterpillar No 1 Terracer

CUST-1106 - Spec-cast Caterpillar No 1 Terracer
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Spec-Cast (#CUST-1106) 1/16 Scale

Caterpillar No. 1 Terracer

The No. 1 Terracer was introduced in 1931 to help farmers add terraces to their fields. Terracing, a conservation practice used to help reduce soil erosion, became much more common during this time as farmers tried to combat the “Dust Bowl” conditions prevalent during the Great Depression era. Production of the No. 1 Terracer lasted until 1941, making it the most popular and longest running part of a line of Caterpillar® agriculture implements.

The gooseneck hitch, coupled directly to the tractor drawbar, made the Terracer more maneuverable than traditional pull graders. The No. 1 excelled at filling gullies, clearing fence rows and building irrigation ditches, in addition to terracing. The 1400lb. weight and 8’ wide blade of the No. 1 made it well suited for Caterpillar Ten, Fifteen, Twenty, Twenty-Two, Twenty-Five, R2 and D2 tractors, as well as tractors of other makes between 10 and 25 drawbar horsepower.

Adult collectible designed for use by persons 14 years of age and older.

Item Number: CUST-1106
Scale: 1/16
First arrived: 4/30/2012
Added to catalog: 3/31/2012
Recommended Age: 14 and up

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