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Bob Artley's Seasons on the Farm
Author: Bob Artley
"Bob Artley's Seasons on the Farm" is a collection of drawings from his popular series "Memories of a Former Kid" that has been syndicated in daily and weekly newspapers across the United States since the 1970s. It was originally published as Cartoons.
"Bob Artley's Seasons on the Farm" is a delightful look at the four seasons as seen through the eyes of a farm kid--many of them Artley's own memories. From the first day of school to Christmas celebrations; from welcoming spring's first calf to skinny dipping in the summer heat, Artley presents farm life with just the right amount of whimsy, nostalgia, and wisdom.
Artley is considered one of the country's foremost recorders of farm history. His wonderful artwork and stories reflect his sense of country nostalgia and farm heritage and speak to anyone with a farming background, and to those who yearn for simpler times.
9 x 6
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