Tonkin Replicas Fredrickson Motor Express Mack CH

M71101 - Tonkin Replicas Fredrickson Motor Express Mack CH
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Tonkin (#M71101) 1/64 Scale

Fredrickson Motor Express - Mack CH with two 28’ Pup Trailers - PEM Series
Quality you can see... quality you can actually feel!
Adult collectible designed for use by persons 14 years of age and older.
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Item Number: M71101
Scale: 1/64
First arrived: 1/14/2006
Added to catalog: 1/14/2006
Recommended Age: Adults

Item Reviews

Andrew - North Carlinone,U.s Review Date: 1/18/2011 5:54:36 PMOverall Rating
Experience Level: Average Purchased for: Personal Collection
I wish the trailers had opening doors.Not much deatil. I like truck and trailers numbers.

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