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SPEC-CAST - CUST-1860 - Folding Wing Disk
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Spec-Cast (#CUST-1860) 1/16 Scale
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October Arrival Folding Wing Disk Harrow in Red
SPEC-CAST - CUST-1884 - Minneapolis-Moline
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Spec-Cast (#CUST-1884) 1/16 Scale
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Mar - Apr Arrival Minneapolis-Moline G955 Tractor - Lafayette Farm Toy Show Edition - Only 500 Units Being Produced
SPEC-CAST - SCT-715 - Oliver 660 Tractor

Spec-Cast (#SCT-715) 1/64 Scale
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November Arrival Oliver 660 Tractor with Spring Tooth Harrow
SPEC-CAST - ZJD-1683 - International W450

Spec-Cast (#ZJD-1683) 1/16 Scale
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January Arrival International W450 Gas Tractor
SPEC-CAST - ZJD-1837 - Ford 680 Forage
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Spec-Cast (#ZJD-1837) 1/16 Scale
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SPECIAL ORDER Ford 680 Forage Harvester with Hay and Corn Heads - Only 750 pieces produced
SPEC-CAST - ZJD-1852 - Farmall 350 Tractor
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Spec-Cast (#ZJD-1852) 1/16 Scale
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October Arrival Farmall 350 Tractor with 2-Row Cultivator
SPEC-CAST - CUST-1596 - Killbros 350 Gravity

Spec-Cast (#CUST-1596) 1/64 Scale
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Future Arrival Killbros 350 Gravity Wagon in Orange with Dual Wheels
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