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CORGI - AA28401 - English Electric

Corgi (#AA28401) 1/48 Scale
$165.99 MSRP $219.99
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Future Arrival English Electric Lightning F6 XR728/JS , RAF Binbrook
CORGI - AA38108 - Sopwith Camel F1,

Corgi (#AA38108) 1/48 Scale
$69.99 MSRP $93.00
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Future Arrival Sopwith Camel F1, B6313, Major William George ‘Billy’ Barker C/O , No.139 Sqn, Italy 1918
CORGI - AA37808 - Albatros D.V a ,

Corgi (#AA37808) 1/48 Scale
$69.99 MSRP $93.00
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Mar - Apr Arrival Albatros D.V a , D.7327/17, Lt. Lothar Weiland, Jasta 5 , Seefrontstaffel 1, July 1918
CORGI - AA37907 - SPAD XIII, S29005

Corgi (#AA37907) 1/48 Scale
$62.99 MSRP $84.00
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SPAD XIII, S29005 Major Francesco Baracca, 91st Squadriglia, Italian Air Force, April 1918
CORGI - AA37707 - Royal Aircraft Factory

Corgi (#AA37707) 1/48 Scale
$78.99 MSRP $104.99
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Royal Aircraft Factory SE5a, C1149/W 'Schweinhund', Capt. Duncan Grinnell-Milne, No.56 Sqn RFC, 1918 - Duncan...[more]
CORGI - AA38306 - Fokker Dr.I Triplane,

Corgi (#AA38306) 1/48 Scale
$69.99 MSRP $92.99
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Fokker Dr.I Triplane, 213/17 ‘K’, Lt. Friederich Kempf, Jasta 2, Pronville Aerodrome, 1917 - The pace of aviation...[more]
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